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Qualifying and Highlighting

Northern Ireland

Category: Innovative Application

Company/Institution: AES UK & Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland

Project Name: Advancion 4 energy storage system

Description: Located in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, the power station’s array is made up of more than 53,000 batteries arranged in 136 separate nodes. The Advancion 4 energy storage solution is a battery-based alternative to peaking power plants that provides a dependable, smart and cost-competitive means to support a reliable, low carbon electricity system for the Northern Ireland economy.

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Category: Innovative Application

Company/Institution: Kyocera

Location: Japan

Project Name: Floating Solar Power Plant

Description: The floating solar power generating system with a size of 2.3 MW is located in the reservoir in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Floating solar power generating systems typically generate more electricity than ground-mount and rooftop systems due to the cooling effect of the water.

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Category: Innovative Application

Company/Institution: Onyx Solar

Location: Singapore

Project Name: Tanjong Pagar

Description: The 64-storey tower consists a large PV pergola of over 2,600 m² at the entrance of the biuding with an installed power capacity of 125 kWp. The pergola features 850 amorphous solicon PV glass modules which enables the building to supply over 7,100 lights per day (125,810 kWh/year).

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Category: Innovative Application

Company/Institution: PowerStream

Location: Canada

Project Name: Power Demonstration Project Microgrid

Description: Community-owned energy company PowerStream has teamed up with energy storage specialist General Electric (GE) to implement a multipurpose energy generation and storage solution at PowerStream’s own headquarters in Ontario, Canada. The Power Demonstration Project is a prototype ‘micro-grid’ system, comprising various demand-management, storage and generation sources across the site. The project aims to demonstrate how smaller scale power generation and storage projects are viable options for both commercial energy consumers and utility companies.

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Category: Innovative Application

Company/Institution: Remondis

Location: Germany

Project Name: Recycled energy storage system

Description: In Lünen, a battery storage system of 13 MW is being build by using modules that have been used in electric vehicles before.

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