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Qualifying and Highlighting


Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: ib vogt

Location: Egypt


DescriptionLargest PV Project in Egypt 2018

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: Ingeteam

Location: Jordan


Description: 100 MW power plant using three square kilometers of land to produce over 2.5% of the total national electrical production.

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: TESVOLT GmbH

Location: Rwanda

Project Name: The Nasho Project

Description: The German commercial storage system manufacturer Tesvolt supplies the world's largest decentralized off-grid storage system, which acts as a mini-grid during power cuts for pumps in an agricultural project in Rwanda (Africa). The system replaces diesel generators and is composed of a 3.3 MW photovoltaic plant and a 2.68 MWh lithium-ion battery storage.

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: Huawei

Location: China

Project Name: 1GW Ground-mounted Smart PV Plant

Description: The world’s largest single location PV power plant is in China, a 1,000 MW plant in Yanchi region of China.

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: Sunpower

Location: USA

Project Name: Solar Star Projects

Description: The 579-megawatt Solar Star Projects are co-located solar installations in Kern and Los Angeles counties in California. The projects deliver enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 255,000 homes. Approximately 650 workers are needed to install this project over the three-year construction period.

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: Adani Green Energy

Location: India

Project Name: Kamuthi solar plant

Description: The world’s largest plant in a single location, which took just eight months to develop. Around 8,500 workers were involved in installing on average 11MW of installations per day. 

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Category: Largest Project

Company/Institution: Phoenix Solar AG

Location: Germany

Project Name: Solar rooftop system trade fair Munich (2. stage)

Description: With an installed capacity of 1.1 MWp the world's largest PV rooftop system was build in 2002.

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