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Qualifying and Highlighting


Category: Unique Location

Location: Germany

Company/Institution: Schletter

Project Name: Largest carport PV system

Description: This newly installed 4 MWp rooftop system on the location of airport Weeze offers parking space for 1,350 cars.

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Category: Unique Location

Company/Institution: Huawei

Location: China

Project Name: WanJia mountains PV project

Description: Located in Panzhihua Yanbian the project may be one of the toughest mountain far the building of photovoltaic power plants, mountain ground is not flat, assembly toward inconsistent shadow occlusion situation will affect power generation.

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Category: Unique Location

Company/Institution: HOMSOL

Location: Tadjikistan

Project Name: PV system for BTS (base telecom station)

Description: This PV system was build in the unique location of Pamir mountain system, 4362 m above sea level.

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St. Eustatius

Category: Unique Location

Company/Institution: SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH

Location: St. Eustatius Dutch Caribbean

Project Name: St. Eustatius STUCO’s hybrid plant

Description: The project electrifies the island of St. Eustatius completely by means of the smart combination of utility scale PV, battery storage and diesel generators and is completely integrated. The project is designed to generate enough clean solar power to cover over 23 % of the energy demand of the island.

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Category: Unique Location

Company/Institution: Tampa Electric

Location: USA

Project Name: Solar project at Tampa International Airport

Description: Tampa Electric installed a 2 MW large scale solar photovoltaic system on the top floor of Tampa International Airport south Economy Parking Garage. Tampa Electric owns the PV array, and the electricity it produces goes to the grid, to benefit all of Tampa Electric's nearly 725,000 customers, including the airport.

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