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Qualifying and Highligthing.

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Drivers and Winners

Innovative CleanTech products and companies are the driving forces behind the Energiewende.


In the increasingly complex fields of renewable energies, the DCTI identifies those products, projects and companies that are outstanding, thereby providing guidance for all those who are looking for the right solutions and partners.


The award 'Global Leading RES Project Award' refers to international Renewable Energy Systems projects, which have an exemplary character. The 'TOP Battery Storage' are determined for the individual country markets on the basis of technical and operational evaluations and also according to the prevailing customer requirements. The 'CleanTech Driver' seal highlights companies that offer clean technologies or services and are above average for environmental issues.


The DCTI awards objective criteria to all companies - whether it be a start-up or an established player. All winners will be given the opportunity to present themselves in an independent setting to a large audience of business, finance and potential customers at home and abroad.