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Qualifying and Highligthing.

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Phone +49 30 880 600 71

CleanTech Driver

Since 2008 the DCTI creates with data, facts and analysis in the CleanTech sector know-how and attention for the global infrastructure change.

CleanTech Driver are companies that develop future technologies that relevant for the energy transition. These companies are qualified by the DCTI and thus become part of the CleanTech diffusion process.

To qualify as a CleanTech Driver companies can apply by filling out a questionnaire. All collected company data are confidential and will be used exclusively in the certification process 'CleanTech Driver' by the DCTI.



  • OTI Greentech AG
    Seestrasse 5
    CH- 6300 Zug
    Tel: (+41) - 41 - 72 72 100
    Fax: (+41) - 41 - 72 72 109