Qualifying and Highlighting

First Mover

Monte Alto Solar Garden

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: Acciona
Location: Spain
Project Name: Monte Alto Solar Garden
Description: Monte Alto, located at Milagro (Navarra), is perhaps the most emblematic of the 19 ‘solar gardens’ developed by ACCIONA in Spain. Solar gardens are groupings of PV plant owners who share common infrastructures and services. Located in Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Aragon, the solar gardens developed by ACCIONA have a total capacity of 62 MWp and have more than 3,500 owners.  More information »

Zhangbei National Wind and SES and TDP

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: BYD
Location: China
Project Name: Zhangbei National Wind and Solar Energy Storage and Transmission Demonstration Project
Description: Energy storage applications include wind solar and other renewable energy integration, frequency regulation and voltage support. The project is focused on using battery energy storage to enable interactive management of the electric power grid. The project currently includes a total of 14MW of lithium-ion batteries and a vanadium redox flow battery: More information »

Kitakyushu City

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: First Solar
Location: Japan
Project Name: Kitakyushu City
Description: The Kitakyushu Solar Power plant, located on 1.7 hectares of land in Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka prefecture, demonstrates how solar power can provide safe, clean energy to Japan and stimulate the local economy. The 1.3MW direct current (DC) power plant, which is powered by 14,380 First Solar advanced thin film PV modules, will generate 1,300-1,400 MWh of clean and safe solar electricity per year. The plant generates electricity with zero emissions during operation, powers 250 average Japanese homes, and displaces over 920 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year.  More information »

Rokkasho Futamata Project

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: Kandenko Company
Location: Japan
Project Name: Rokkasho Futamata Project
Description: In May 2008, JWD completed construction of a wind farm near Rokkasho village in Aomori Prefecture, in northern Honshu. This smart grid wind farm is the first facility of its type to use sodium sulfur (NAS) batteries to store electricity for supply to the national power grid. More information »

First licensed PV project in Turkey

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: Phoenix Solar AG
Location: Turkey
Project Name: First licensed PV project in Turkey
Description: 9.1 MWp ground-mount PV power plant / first officially licensed project in Turkey.

Solar park KAPSARC

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: Phoenix Solar AG
Location: Saudi Arabia
Project Name: Solar park KAPSARC
Description: Two phase pioneer PV power plant on behalf of King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center / Saudi Aramco.

Tirunelveli Solar Park

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: SunEdison India
Location: India
Project Name: Tirunelveli Solar Park
Description: Based on selected incentives, SunEdison India has developed a business model which is designed to help commercial and industrial businesses to hedge against raising electricity tariffs by investing in their own solar park without having to become solar experts. The model is being applied for the first time in the 18 MW Tirunelveli solar power plant in Tamil Nadu which started full-time operations in February 2014.  More information »

Commercial Energy Storage Lapubesi

Category: First Mover
Company/Institution: Your Group
Location: Nepal
Project Name: Commercial Energy Storage Lapubesi
Description: The electricty generation consists different technologies. The aim is to provide access to electricty after the earthquake in 2015 which destroyed the region's infrastructure by connecting an off-grid solar system and laying the groundwork to recommission the hydro-electric power turbine. The group was pulled together with the generosity of Your Power’s suppliers; Trina Solar provided the solar modules, ZED Energy and Fitcraft the battery storage unit and Sunfixings the mountings for the off-grid system.  For hydro, the 30 kW Nauli Hydro Plant in Lapubesi started with the rebuilding of the destroyed plant house and clearing of the landslide debris from the hydro intake channel.  More information »