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Solar park "Brandholz"

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Pfalzsolar GmbH
Location: Germany
Project Name: Solar park "Brandholz"
Description: The solar park "Brandholz" is large scale PV project that is located on a completed part of a former landfill site in the “Hochtaunuskreis” in the middle of Hesse, Germany. The solar park “Brandholz” will have a total capacity of 1.2 MW. Due to the special ground conditions very strict construction specifications must be observed. A distance of 1.6 meters between the ground and the modules has to be kept. Compared to other landfill projects, this is an unusual exception. More information »

Xina Solar One Power Plant

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Abengoa Solar
Location: South Africa
Project Name: Xina Solar One Power Plant
Description: Abengoa has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) of South Africa to develop Xina Solar One, a 100 MW parabolic trough plant with a five-hour thermal energy storage system using molten salts. This project will form the largest solar complex in Africa together with Abengoa’s plant KaXu Solar One that is currently under construction in the country. Xina Solar One was awarded to Abengoa in the third round of renewable energy projects organized by the Department of Energy of South Africa. More information »

Braderup ES Facility Flow Battery

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Bosch Electronics
Loaction: Germany
Project Name: Braderup ES Facility Flow Battery
Description: Bosch has designed this innovative hybrid battery solution in the north German municipality of Braderup to store electricity generated from community wind farms.  More information »

Beech Ridge Wind Storage 31.5 MW

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: BYD
Location: USA
Project Name: Beech Ridge Wind Storage 31.5 MW
Description: The 31.5 MW Beech Ridge energy storage developed by Invenergy is located adjacent to its 100.5 MW wind farm in West Virginia. Beech Ridge will use stored wind energy to provide fast-response frequency regulation to the PJM Interconnection ancillary services market. The energy storage device will have a combined nominal output of up to 31.5 MW, comprised of eighteen 1.8 MW modules. Each 1.8 MW module includes: one standard shipping container housing four battery strings; four 450 kW inverters to convert power between direct current and alternating current; a chiller to cool the battery containers; and a transformer for the inverter. More information »

Rankin Avenue substation

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Duke Energy
Location: USA
Project Name: Rankin Avenue substation
Description: Duke Energy has installed a 402 kW/282 kWh, NaNiCl energy storage system (ESS) at their Rankin Avenue substation to mitigate photovoltaic (PV)-induced power swings. In this demonstration, SNL and Duke will develop control algorithms to increase the utilization of the ESS, thereby creating additional value.  More information »

Willenhall substation

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: E.On
Location: UK
Project Name: Willenhall substation
Description: Energy supplier E.ON has teamed up with German energy company Uniper and a university research group to develop and connect this giant battery-based energy storage research facility to the grid. The £4m battery, located at Willenhall substation near Wolverhampton, was officially connected on 17 March and is one of the largest and fastest active energy storage facilities in the UK.   More information »

Largest Off -Grid Solar Project Complete (DeGrussa Mine)

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: JUWI Group
Project Name:
Largest Off -Grid Solar Project Complete (DeGrussa Mine)
Description:This project was completed  the off-grid 10.6MW solar +  6MW battery system  at  the DeGrussa Copper -Gold Mine. The project is a world leading solar-diesel-battery system and one of the largest renewable energy systems installed on a mine. More information »

West-Ansung (Seo-Anseong) Substation ESS Pilot Project ...

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: LG Chem
Location: Korea, South
Project Name: West-Ansung (Seo-Anseong) Substation ESS Pilot Project - 28 MW ESS - KEPCO / Kokam / LG Chem
Description: KEPCO established a plan to build 500 MW of energy storage systems (ESS) for frequency regulation in stages over four years (2014-2017).  In 2014, for the first stage, KEPCO successfully installed 52 MW of ESS for frequency regulation across two sites, 28 MW at West-Ansung Substation and 24 MW at Shin-Yongin Substation. KEPCO installed 28 MW (7 MWh) of Li-ion battery based energy storage for frequency regulation. Kokam provided Lithium-titanate (LTO) based Lithium Polymer battery energy storage for 16 MW / 5.4 MWh and LG Chem provided 12 MW. The ESS is currently in commercial operation as of June 2015 (Note: System testing took place before commercial operation from January 2015 to June 2015). More information »


Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: MOZES
Location: UK
Project Name: SENSIBLE
Description: The European-funded project will allow participating homes to store excess solar energy in either batteries or hot water tanks for use in the evenings. The project will also research the issues and parameters of community energy schemes that sell and share self-generated energy from homes in the project. It will use 'communal batteries' as part of this, located in the area's schools. Some 37 homes from across the neighbourhood will take part in the project, and 22 of these will receive technology that will allow them to use significantly more of their clean green energy generated from their own PV panels. Installation begins early 2017.   More information »

Terna SANC Project (3)

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: NGK Insulators Ltd.
Location: Italy
Project Name: Terna SANC Project (3)
Description: NGK Insulators, Ltd.and Terna S.p.A, Italy's largest transmission system operator (TSO) came to a framework agreement for supply of a NaS battery system. This represents the first large scale NaS battery energy storage system installation in European grid system.

According to the framework agreement, maximum quantity equal to 70,000 kW (490,000 kWh for 7 hours discharge) of the NaS battery system will be supplied for installation in the Italian transmission grid. The first phase order under this agreement is expected with the volume of 35,000 kW (245,000 kWh) for about 100 million euros.

TERNA plans to utilize the NaS battery at a substation in order to balance the demand and supply of electricity instantaneously and stabilize the transmission grid for optimum performance under the massive increase of intermittent renewable energy. More information »


Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: RWTH Aachen University
Location: Germany
Project Name: M5BAT - Modular Multi-Megawatt Multi-Technology Medium voltage BATtery energy storage system Electrical Energy Storage Project
Description: hybrid battery energy storage system, combining 5 different battery types, hybrid operation with online-optimization of load allocation, financed by BMWi More information »

Vlissingen Advancion Energy Storage - AES

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Samsung SDI
Location: Netherlands
Project Name: Vlissingen Advancion Energy Storage - AES
Description: The Netherlands Advancion Energy Storage Array has begun operating and provides 10 MW / 10 MWh of storage to Dutch transmission system operator TenneT. The project, which is AES’s first installation on the European continent, will provide Primary Control Reserve (PCR), matching supply and demand on the local grid by using power stored in its batteries to respond quickly to grid imbalances. PCR is known by a number of other terms, such as frequency regulation, in the US and elsewhere. More information »

Rice Solar Energy Project

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: SolarReserve
Location: USA
Project Name: Rice Solar Energy Project
Description: The Rice Solar Energy Project is a 150 MW concentrating solar power facility project developed in Riverside County, California, the United States. Proposed by Rice Solar, a subsidiary of SolarReserve, the thermal power tower facility will be located on 1,410 acres (570 ha) of private land on the site of the former Rice Army Airfield, near the abandoned town of Rice, California. The project's innovative molten salt storage system will capture solar energy and deliver power to the grid even after the sun goes down. The facility is expected to power 68,000 homes, create up to 450 construction jobs, and generate more than $48 million in state and local tax revenue over the first 10 years of operation. More information »

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: SolarReserve
Location: USA
Project Name: Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project
Description: The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is a 110 MW plant located near Tonopah, Nevada. The project will utilize technology developed in the U.S. by SolarReserve and its technology partners to capture and store the sun’s energy in order to deliver a firm electricity supply to Nevada, day or night, without the need to burn fossil fuels. The molten salt “receiver” is actually comprised of panels formed by hundreds of special alloy tubes which will be flowing with molten salt for energy absorption and storage. Once complete, the project will be capable of storing 10 hours of full load electricity production, enough to power 75,000 homes at peak electric demand periods, even after dark. Unlike water, molten salt remains in a liquid state at high temperatures, enabling it to be transported to ground level and stored through a relatively inexpensive system of pipes and tanks. On an as-needed basis, the heated salt is used to boil water to operate a steam-driven turbine, a part of the process that is exactly like any conventional fossil fuel power plant. More information »

La Silla

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Soltec
Location: Chile
Project Name: La Silla
Description: The La Silla Solar Plant is located in the outskirts of Atacama Desert at 1,800 meters altitude.  Soltec developed the first solar trackers mounting bifacial modules at a utility-scale in this project. This tracker model maximizes yield production thanks to the exploitation of the sun light reflected on the ground.  More information »

SCE Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Southern California Edison
Location: USA
Project Name: SCE Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project
Description: The TSP is located at SCE’s Monolith Substation in Tehachapi,  California. The 8 MW, 4 hours (32 MWh) BESS is housed in a 6,300 square foot facility and 2 x 4 MW/4.5 MVA smart inverters are on a concrete pad adjacent to the BESS facility. The project will evaluate the capabilities of the BESS to improve grid performance and assist in the integration of large-scale intermittent generation, e.g., wind.   More information »

Shuanghu project

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Sungrow
Location: China
Project Name: Shuanghu project
Description: The 20 MW microgrid power plant aims to provide electricity to over 14,000 people living in the vicinity, with average elevations reaching heights of over 5000 meters. With the lowest temperatures recorded at -40⁰C and severe winds plaguing the region for over half the year, Shuanghu County’s extreme climate has frequently posed challenges to inverters and other solar components operating in the region’s frigid conditions. More information »

Mira Loma substation

Category: Tech Driver
Company/Institution: Tesla
Location: USA
Project Name: Mira Loma substation
Description: Electric car-turned energy storage company Tesla has collaborated with Southern California Edison (SCE) Co to design and build this giant 20MW/80MWh lithium-ion battery system at the Mira Loma SCE substation.  More information »