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Qualifying and Highligthing.


Purchase criteria


The 'TOP Battery Storage' in Austria

The market for household electricity storage systems is growing steadily and a strong demand is also expected for 2017. A large number of manufacturers with a broad product range are active in the Austrian market to address installers and house owners. For the end customer, this on the one hand means comprehensive selection possibilities, but on the other hand also requires qualified orientation support for the objective comparison of this varied offer. 


Against this backdrop, the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) and EuPD Research have developed a methodology that compares all relevant storage solutions in three product categories (lithium <5 kWh, lithium> 5 kWh and lead), and these performance data are also in proportion to the prevailing customer expectations in Austria. The products identified by this process are awarded "Top Stromspeicher" in cooperation with the Austrian business magazine


For the end users, the 'Top Stromspeicher' seal provides the basis for an objective selection process and thus a reliable orientation in the identification of a suitable, powerful and profitable storage system.