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Qualifying and Highligthing.


The 'TOP Battery Storage' 2018

The market for electricity storage has developed steadily since the introduction of KfW funding in 2013, with the result that approximately 37,000 PV storage systems were installed in Germany alone in 2017. Germany is the global market leader in this segment of PV storage. Accordingly, a large number of providers with numerous offers is active in the German market.


On the one hand, the large number of providers creates a high variety of products for the end customer. On the other hand, the power storage products are constructed differently or have different technical parameters that make comparability difficult for the end customer or almost impossible with respect to the entire market for power storage.


With the award 'Top Stromspeicher' an orientation aid was created for the end customer. A total of 114 storage models from 75 manufacturers across Europe were examined for the following four categories:

  • Cost
  • Specific product properties
  • Handling during installation
  • Service quality

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