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Promoting and Supporting.


Your Contact

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Connecting CleanTech Worlds

The following information showcases the portfolio and service offerings of DCTI for clusters and foreign enterprises in the field of CleanTech, Renewable Energies and Environment protection technologies.

  • Your Challenge.

    • You represent an international company / market with an unique offer for German CleanTech players / partners.
    • You have limited market access to German CleanTech companies.
    • You need contacts and business opportunities.

  • Our Solution.

    • We are already well connected within diverse CleanTech industries.
    • We know about supply and demand of German CleanTech players.
    • We initiate the first contact to potential partners and accompany the entire process until establishing successful business partnerships.

  • Your Benefit.

    • You profit from our well established contact base.
    • You avoid any scattering losses as we identify those companies that match.
    • You can rely on a highly recognized and respected partner.
    • You will get access to well prepared and sustainably interested companies that want to proceed to be your business partner.

DCTI’s International CleanTech Portfolio

  • Providing Expertise, Advising Strategies.

    • Providing Market and Clean Technology Knowledge.
    • Identifying CleanTech opportunities on a global scale. Evaluation of international and regional markets.
    • Executing exclusive Market and Customer Surveys, Evaluation of Projects, Background Studies.
    • Advising strategic approaches to establish product and service portfolio models.

  • Accessing Markets, Targeting Partners.

    • Hosting Business Days to communicate market opportunities.
    • Identifying of partners and projects that fit best.
    • Organizing Matchmaking activities to introduce potential partners.
    • Accompanying Delegation Trips and Fact Finding Missions.
    • Generating Leads on behalf of / for individual CleanTech players.

  • Educating, Positioning, Multiplying.

    • Educating regarding CleanTech sectors and markets via independent studies, guides and white papers.
    • Positioning of facts to support the objective reporting regarding CleanTech.
    • Multiplying knowledge via the focused addressing of target groups and media.