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Branch Competence in Data and Facts

Market Analysis

New growth markets, in particular, are subject to significant change and require continuous observation. In addition to data on market volume and structure, targeted analyses can also be used to provide profound and realistic forecasts on market potential. Furthermore, market analyses deliver information fundamental to the development of strategic marketing campaigns.
DCTI merges a creative approach with in-depth expertise and professional research methods to generate market entry as well as market development strategies customized to meet the specific needs of your company.



Situation Analysis

Knowledge is a crucial competitive factor in a global business world. Companies face the challenge of gaining maximum benefit from their resources as profitably and sustainably as possible. The pressure on companies to make decisions is greater than ever as a result of market and customer expectations that are changing at an increasing pace and cycles of innovation that are getting shorter.
The DCTI Situation Analysis tackles the challenges posed by the enhanced complexity of the business world. In contrast to other approaches, it provides companies with a comprehensive view of their market position which facilitates a thorough evaluation of the market as a whole and makes recommendations on steps to be taken in the future.



Competitive Analysis

Competitive structures are dynamic processes characterized by constant change. A marketing strategy planned well in advance and implemented efficiently is therefore vital to the success of your company.
DCTI provides its customers with branch-related and company-specific competitive analyses that deal effectively with market idiosyncrasies. Based on data compiled, we identify your personal opportunities and the tools most appropriate tools for improving your company’s competitive situation. When requested we can also assist in the planning and implementation processes.



Image Analysis

CleanTech is perceived as a key growth market of the 21 century. Numerous companies either produce or offer services in one of the defined CleanTech segments. The positioning of a company as a CleanTech company is of great competitive advantage and can secure long-term benefits such as customer loyalty as well as attract highly qualified staff.

However, this commitment to CleanTech and subsequent positioning in a new leading industry is not always visible.



The image analysis conducted by DCTI satisfies the need for an image that is visible to both the B2B and B2C sectors. Furthermore, DCTI avails of an array of marketing instruments that can increase the public perception of your company.


Cluster Analysis

The consistent observation of primary sales markets along with the evaluation of the company position in its core business and the identification of new growth markets are considered requisite for proactive market players.



The cluster analysis carried out by DCTI identifies network structures and analyses the links of the values chain. The main focus here is on the function and distribution of tasks as well the coordination and cooperation within a cluster. These activities should promote the core objectives of networking such as flexibility and the creation of synergies.


Therefore, the DCTI offers its customers branch as well as company specific competitor analyses that can be applied in various ways e.g. to boost the visibility of the stakeholder’s market share as well as their products. Based on the information compiled, we identify your personal opportunities and the tools most appropriate tools for improving your company’s competitive situation.



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