Implementing and Winning.

Study Series

To accelerate the process of diffusion within the CleanTech branch, the DCTI has published a 20 volume study on the 5 fields of work »

Energy Transition & CleanTech

The 'Energiewende' or 'Energy Transition' is inextricably linked to the achievement of international climate protection goals and on the national level mainly linked to the nuclear phaseout.

But in fact, it is more. It defines those key factors which actually support the achieving of global goals.

To implement the energy revolution a variety of instruments are needed: these are clean technologies in their specific application.

Given a variety of technological solutions, however, the challenge is to coordinate these to identify synergies to use them as efficiently as possible. The DCTI solves this challenge with a holistic approach. Accordingly, the topics the DCTI looks at in terms of extensive market research are analyzed integrative and holistic. Therefore, the DCTI acts as a multiplier and coordinator.