Sustainability by Innovation.

Persecutors and Enthusiasts

The German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) is one of the world's leading institutes, which promotes the diffusion process for innovative environmental technologies, creates awareness regarding their ecological and economic benefits, and develops and supports the resulting markets.


Since 2008, we are highly involved in a variety of renewable energies, in particular solar energy and energy storage, green thermal technology, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. Through the neutral and objective assessment and recognition of outstanding products, solutions, projects and companies, we create transparency, understanding, conviction and enthusiasm.


With our series of studies and publications, we ensure the information and education of the relevant target groups, we support CleanTech companies during market development with our knowledge and network. In addition we work out exclusive expert reports for public authorities, in particular organizations, governments and ministries.


We work exclusively fact-based and objectively, do not engage in lobbying and are economically and politically independent.


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