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    Ingeteam awarded for its ‘Largest PV Project’ in U.A.E.

    On the occasion of the 'World Future Energy Summit' in Abu Dhabi, 'Ingeteam Power Technology' received the 'Global Leading RES Project' award from the 'German CleanTech Institute for the 'Noor Abu Dhabi PV Project' implemented in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

    The plant is currently not only the largest in the United Arab Emirates, but also worldwide. With an installed capacity of 1,177.39 MW, it ensures annual savings of around 7 million tons of CO2 emissions. The energy generated is purchased by ADWEC (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company), the Emirates' energy provider, a subsidiary of ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority), for subsequent transmission, distribution and trading.

    The consortium of companies responsible for the development and operation of the PV system in Noor Abu Dhabi chose Ingeteam technology for this project. It was designed and built by the Indian company Sterling & Wilson.

    Leo Ganz, Managing Partner of the 'German CleanTech Institute', commented on the award: "We are delighted to be able to honor Ingeteam with our 'Global Leading RES Project' seal. The excellent 'Noor Abu Dhabi PV Project' impressively demonstrates that it is possible is to realize large PV systems even in regions with difficult and unsafe general conditions. "

    Details regarding the Ingeteam.  



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    Narada awarded as ‘Tech Driver’ for its Lead Carbon Energy Storage PCR Project in Germany

    Narada, a Chinese battery energy storage system supplier, has implemented a large project for frequency regulation for the German power grid. The first installation is located at Langenreichenbach, near Leipzig.

    Martin Ammon, Head of Economics & Energy at the DCTI handed over the ‘Global Leading RES Award’ to Allen Xiang, Director of Narada ESS Unit, designer as well as manager of the project, from Narada Headquarter throughout a respective ceremony.

    The reason for the award as a ‘Tech Driver’ is the usage of a lead carbon battery technology instead of a lithium based battery solution. Compared to traditionally deployed lithium battery systems, the Narada lead carbon battery based solution delivers much better performance in terms of system stability, performance reliability and absolute safety. By two years' research, test and analysis, Narada finally got the approval for their lead carbon technology at Germany Primary Frequency Regulation and verified its operation performance by 3rd part organization. Beside this, lead carbon battery can be 98 % recycled, contributing to sustainable development of energy.

    Further information regarding the Narada project.  



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    TESVOLT awarded for biggest Off-Grid-Battery-System in Africa

    The German commercial storage system manufacturer TESVOLT will be honored with the Global Leading RES Seal in the category “Largest Project” for the implementation of the worldwide biggest Off-Grid-Battery-System in Rwanda to eliminate energy loss in water pumps.

    TESVOLT has been allocated the contract to build the worldwide largest off-grid-battery-system to deal with the energy loss in much needed water pumps in Rwanda. For the dedication and innovative mindset to promote the mission of clean energy while supporting agricultural projects TESVOLT is the perfect candidate for the Global Leading RES Seal. 

    More information regarding the TESVOLT Project.



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    Sungrow Floating Module awarded for its ‘Largest Floating Project’ in China 

    During SNEC in Shanghai the 'German CleanTech Institute' took the chance to hand over the 'Global Leading RES Award' to the 'Sungrow Floating Module' team for their 150 MW Floating PV (FPV) plant in Guqiao, Fengtai County, China in close proximity to their initial 40 MW Huainan project in the Anhui province.

    Floating solar PV plants have gone from being perceived as a niche application within the PV industry to a major new sub-segment market on its own right and been recognised as an important dual use solar technology. 

    Key recognition has come from a growing number of fresh water reservoir FPV project plans to reduce water evaporation and power water pumping requirements around the world but also from utilities that have hydro-electric power plants. 

    Details regarding the Sungrow project can be find here.  



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    BYD Company Ltd. was awarded in the category 'Tech Driver' for the 31.5 MW Beech Ridge Energy Storage Project in West Virginia.

    The Beech Ridge Energy Storage Project, named after its Beech Ridge location in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, consists of 18 1.8 MW modules integrated into ship containers. Each container contains four battery levels as well as four 450 kW inverters, including transformer and cooling. The 31.5 MW energy storage unit is connected to a 100.5 MW wind farm planned by Invenergy and feeds electricity into the PJM Interconnection market in the USA.

    Intersolar North America was therefore the ideal opportunity for the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) to personally hand over the award to BYD.

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    Schletter awarded for biggest carport photovoltaic system in Germany

    After implementing the biggest carport photovoltaic system in Germany at the airport Weeze, Schletter is now being awarded with the Global Leading RES Seal in the category „Unique Location“. 

    The Schletter-Group installed the biggest carport photovoltaic system in Germany at the airport Weeze in Westphalia. For the innovative design and the unique location the German CleanTech Institute is honoring Schletter with the Global Leading RES Seal – Unique Location. In only six weeks of time 70 skilled workers installed the Schletter carport system [email protected] on 25,000 square meters. Because of the special build as a modular system the solar panels could be adapted to the local site conditions. And the airport management is already thinking about the next project, a charging station for electric cars. 

    More information regarding the Schletter Project.



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    Ingeteam awarded for Largest PV Project in Jordan

    The Quweira site, in the southern part of the country, is finished - finally 100 MW have been installed.

    The power plant uses three square kilometers of land to produce over 2.5% of the total national electrical production, and is able to supply energy to more than 51,000 houses. 

    It uses a mix of tracking, that follows the sun from east to west, and fixed structure to maximize energy production the seasons and optimize the land usage.

    Find more information regarding the Ingeteam project here.  



» Global Leading RES Projects

The German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) in close collaboration with the market- and research company EuPD Research, the International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) and Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S) choose companies for the Global Leading RES (Renewable Energy Systems) Award. The goal of the award is to honor outstanding photovoltaic and energy storageprojects and generate awareness in society. To match the huge diversity of the projects the categories First Mover, Tech Driver, Innovative Application, Unique Location und Largest Project were initiated. 

The DCTI identifies continuously international projects that deserve the Global Leading RES Seal. All members of the industry are therefore called upon to recommend award-worthy projects or hand them in directly through the application process. 

More information here.

» TOP Battery Storage

The market for electricity storage systems is growing as steadily as the number of manufacturers with a broad product range. 

The end customer are currently open minded regarding investments into a storage system but often irritated or confused while facing that comprehensive selection possibilities. In addition it is not easy for them to compare the different technical characteristics and the service features of the storage systems. Even the differentiation regarding inclusive and exclusive services is quite challenging.  

To support this selection process with objective findings the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI) and EuPD Research have developed a methodology that compares all relevant storage solutions in three product categories.

In addition the resulting performance data and service capabilities were set in proportion to the prevailing customer expectations. The products identified on this way are awarded as 'TOP Battery Storage'. The respective seals are published in cooperation with renowned business magazines with a large target group reach.

Meanwhile the 'TOP Battery Storage' seals were awarded in Germany and Austria. Beside the yearly re-execution of these analyses other European countries will be examined in the same way very soon.  

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