Involving and Inspiring.

DCTI Thinker's Club

Germany is an attractive location for smart people around the world and as such an incubator for innovations "Made in Germany". Starting point of any innovation is an intelligent idea. The DCTI Thinker’s Club does not only emphasise the innovative end product, but focusses on the input: creative thinking. DCTI brings together competences, know-how and excellence of different CleanTech-markets for an exchange across industries. This is essential for environmental technologies in order to succeed internationally both from an ecological as well as economic perspective.

DCTI Thinker’s Club brings together leaders in business, science, politics and society in an exclusive and private atmosphere of about 15 participants for an inspiring networking dinner. The aim is to discuss the future of environmental technologies from an inspiring perspective and to develop new and innovative approaches to tackle the challenge of combining economic, ecological and social aspects for sustainability.