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DCTI Specials

The DCTI’s publication series is supplemented by the “DCTI Specials” format.

In addition to the segment specific reports included in our 20 volume series of studies on the areas of business in the German CleanTech branch, the Specials series concentrates on topics relevant throughout the branch as a whole. In the next quarter, the DCTI plans to engage in research into, among other topics, the Renewable Energy Law (EEG), CO2 and light/LED and thus be available for fact–based discussions

In the first special report “Sustainability“, the Institute initially analyzed the popular term sustainability as well as the scientific strategies and theories on which it is based.

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The "Export Guide PV 2011" (.pdf | 7,4mb) presents the technologies, opportunities and risks in the PV branch and serves as a guide for end-customers and installers. Important markets of the future are analyzed, topics from Feed-in-Tariffs to segment breakdowns to future development. Additionally, the Export Guide introduces key market players who desire to implement their “know-how” into the growing markets.

"DCTI PV-Spezial" was published on 05/07/2010 (only available in German)

In "Nachhaltigkeit" (Sustainability), the DCTI dealt with the topic of sustainability as a basis for economic activity. Learn more about the actual concepts behind the terminology (only available in German).