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Informing and Enlighting.

The CleanTech-Branch in Germany – The Main Drivers in Focus

The DCTI publishes a 20 volume series of studies which closely examines every segment of the area of business – energy, raw materials, water, mobility and CleanTech services.

The series of studies offers insight into areas such as:

The status of CleanTech diffusion in the areas under examination
CleanTech’s potential for development in the future
Future Research direction and product innovations
National and International market analysis

The second edition of the CleanTech study series takes a closer look at wind energy, thereby focusing on market fundamentals, wind turbine technology and the industry's value chain. Furthermore, CleanTech drivers of wind energy are also introduced. The study is now available for download free of charge. » Download

The first edition of 20 study series on CleanTech is now available for download. In its first study, the German CleanTech Institute takes a closer look at the emerging solar energy industry. Besides photovoltaics, the study focuses on the basics of solar thermal as well as concentrated solar power. » Download